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the importance of exposure in photography

What is the “right” exposure?

Exposure is a key concept in photography. Especially in film photography, where you can’t see your images until you develop the film. Let’s talk about proper exposure: what it means for the final result and

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why shoot on film in 2023

Why shoot on film in 2023?

We live in a time when most photographers were born in the era of digital photography. Why would they want to take pictures on film now? Here’s a typical reaction to my film ad (a

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ilford hp5+ film review

ILFORD HP5+ Film Review

The ILFORD HP5+ is one of the best known and longest lived films. The first HP (short for “supersensitive panchromatic”) was introduced in 1931. Today it is available in rolls and sheets from 35mm to

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ilford film guide

The Ultimate ILFORD Film Guide

ILFORD makes several black and white films. It’s not easy to make sense of all of them. This article will help you get acquainted with the different ILFORD films and choose your own. Ilford films

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