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5 things to bring to every wedding

5 Things to Bring to Every Wedding

My main observations: In my seven years of being a wedding photographer, I’ve found there are some things that you should always bring with you on a wedding day. I’ve been shooting weddings now for

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mistakes all beginner photographers make

Mistakes All Beginner Photographers Make

Common Mistakes Made by Novice Photographers We’ll cover five mistakes that just about every beginner photographer makes. It’s totally fine if you’re guilty of making any of these mistakes but learning to fix these  things

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FILM vs DIGITAL – Which one to use?

I wanted to share with you six things that I thought about when I’m deciding whether I’m going to use a digital camera or a film camera. I don’t really have a desire to shoot a wedding completely in film, and I don’t really have a desire to shoot weddings in completely digital. And so I have to figure out ahead of time when I’m going to be using digital and when I’m going to be using film.

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Film & Digital for Wedding Photography (Hybrid)

Film & Digital (Hybrid) Photography

Combining Film and Digital Photography for Unique Results For the first five years of shooting weddings i shot all digital. And it wasn’t until several years ago that i started shooting film personally and just

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Photo editors

Why Outsource Photo Editing

The Advantages of Outsourcing Photo Editing Services If you are asking yourself why you should use our outsourcing photo editing services, then this article is for you. Here we have collected the main benefits of

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editing for hybrid photographers

Editing for hybrid photographers

Optimizing Your Workflow: Photo Editing for Hybrid Photographers When we talk about recreating the “film look” on digital images, we first and foremost mean producing bright and soft images with natural colors and making them

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