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Simple workflow

We use the Smart Previews method to receive wedding photos for editing, so first of all you need to prepare a catalog in Lightroom. It’s very simple. If you do not know how to do this, below is our instructional video.

01. Upload

Upload a .zip archive using our upload form below. When you see a green check mark on your file, the file has been uploaded!

02. Pay

Our manager will contact you with a confirmation email and invoice. If you are working with us for the first time we'll send a selection of images to set up your preferences first. When your samples are approved, just pay the invoice.

03. Receive

Receive your edits and give us some feedback (if you want to).

If you encounter any uploading issues, please use this link to submit files.

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short tutorials

How to create smart previews in Lightroom

How to place an order