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Editing for hybrid photographers

Optimizing Your Workflow: Photo Editing for Hybrid Photographers

When we talk about recreating the “film look” on digital images, we first and foremost mean producing bright and soft images with natural colors and making them look as authentic as possible. Such images are often referred to as “light and airy“. This is the appearance that many photographers and their clients find most enjoyable. Everyone wants their images to look as true to life as possible, but not many people know that digital photography does not achieve this in the same way that film does. That’s why we make digital photos look like they’re shot on film.

Each photographer decides for himself what style he wants to have. Some shoot only on film, while others only shoot digital. There are also those who use both formats in their work, and these photographers are called hybrid. Editing for hybrid photographers is the basis of our service.

But what if you want your images to have a “film look” but are shooting with a digital camera? We can solve this problem and make the edited pictures look exactly like this. You can use any brand of camera – we don’t care what the original picture was taken with.

Below we have prepared several examples of digital photography edited in different styles. Each edit emulates a scan of a photograph taken on film.

If you are in doubt about how exactly your photos should look, you can build on these processing options as a starting point for shaping your own personal style.

As you can see, we use different presets to emulate the film look, but do not forget that when it comes to a large set of photos, the main tools are the eyes and hands of the editor.

Our outsourced photo editing service will help edit images for hybrid photographers and digital-only photographers. If you already have your own style – we will replicate it and save your time. If you are only looking to get the “film look” for your pictures – we will help find the best creative solution for you!