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Best Lightroom Presets for Film-Inspired Photography

Adobe Lightroom is an incredibly powerful tool for photographers, and one of its most popular features is the use of presets. Presets are pre-made adjustments that can be applied to images, saving time and making it easier to achieve a consistent look. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Lightroom presets for film-inspired photography, including Noble, Mastin, TAP, Goodlight, Kindred, Refined and DVLOP, and explain why they are essential tools for photographers looking to recreate the look of film in their digital images.

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Top Lightroom Presets for Film-Like Photography

I. Noble Presets

Noble Presets is a collection of presets designed to emulate the look of classic film stocks like Fujifilm, Ilford, and Agfa. Each preset is carefully crafted to accurately recreate the look of specific film stocks, and the results are stunning. Noble Presets is perfect for photographers who want to give their images a classic, timeless look.

II. Mastin Labs Presets

Mastin Labs is another popular choice for film-inspired presets, and for good reason. These presets are designed to accurately emulate the look of popular film stocks like Kodak, Ilford, and Fujifilm, and the results are stunning. The presets are easy to use and provide a high degree of control, making it easy to achieve the desired look.

III. TAP/Goodlight Presets

TAP Presets is a collection of presets designed to help photographers achieve a natural, film-inspired look. The presets are designed to work with a wide range of images and are perfect for those looking to create a classic, timeless look. The presets are easy to use and offer a high degree of control, making it easy to achieve the desired look.


IV. Kindred Presets

One of the best sets of presets designed to create a vintage and filmic look for your photos. These presets are great if you want to give your photos a timeless, classic look. They’re great for portraits, landscapes, and street photography. Many of our customers use these presets with our adjustments (we customized them to their own style) and get good results year after year.

V.Refined Presets

Focus on fine-tuning your images to achieve a polished, professional look. These presets are ideal for photographers who want to take ther images to the next level, without spending hours editing each photo by hand. Refined presets r designed to enhance the detail’s and color’s in your images, bringing out the best in your shots and saving you time in the process.

VI. DVLOP Presets

Professional photographers who are looking for a specific look for their images can rely on DVLOP Presets. This set of highly customizable presets offers a range of options, from subtle color corrections to bold and dramatic effects. Whether you are a wedding photographer looking to achieve a warm and romantic feel or a portrait photographer aiming for a classic and timeless look, DVLOP presets have got you covered.

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The application of Adobe Lightroom presets in modern photography is an indispensable aspect of achieving a consistent aesthetic in photographic imagery. Photographic professionals and enthusiasts alike recognize the paramount importance of utilizing these presets to obtain the desired look in their images. These presets offer a diverse range of styles, from vintage film stocks emulation to natural and film-inspired looks, making them an ideal tool for enhancing and refining photographic aesthetics.

The integration of a combination of Noble, Mastin, TAP, Goodlight, Kindred, Refined, and DVLOP presets is an essential element of the everyday workflow at, a professional photo editing service. This combination of presets has been carefully selected to provide photographers with a vast array of stylistic options to suit any project. Each preset brings its own unique approach to photo editing, allowing for a wide range of looks to be achieved, tailored to meet the specific needs of individual clients.

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