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The top 10 wedding trends that will be at the peak of popularity

The outgoing year will be remembered first and foremost for the wedding boom, because most of the weddings that didn’t take place because of the pandemic were postponed until 2022. It is not surprising that during the two-year pause with severe restrictions, people wanted more freedom, and in all manifestations.

The wedding industry was no exception: according to wedding trends in 2022 it is noticeable that traditional weddings are of little interest to modern newlyweds. Now the priority is given to bold ways to express themselves, themed celebrations and extraordinary solutions. InPix.Me team collected the most interesting wedding trends that will be in favor with the couples in 2023.

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Women's wedding suits

When you say “wedding” or “bride,” 99% of people imagine a girl in a lavish white dress. But that was before, and now there are more pant suits and jumpsuits designed for wedding ceremonies on the runways. And this is great news: often brides felt nervous before the wedding day, not so much because of the upcoming celebration, but because of the prospect of spending the day in a massive dress and high heels. Now there is no reason to worry – a bride in a wedding pantsuit is not a mauvais ton, but one of the main wedding trends of 2023.

Chamber weddings

One of the few good things the pandemonium has brought is a desire for privacy and sensitivity to personal space. There are fewer and fewer weddings for hundreds of guests, and newlyweds are favoring celebrations for 10 to 15 really close people. A great trend from all angles: first, couples do not have to be nervous about planning a large-scale celebration, second, it allows for a wedding in a cozy family atmosphere, and third, it simply saves the wedding budget (and by a tangible amount).

Open-Air weddings

Another trend that spread during the pandemic restrictions. The format originally came about because of the need for social distance, but over time, outdoor weddings have gained the popularity they deserve simply because it’s great! Especially since even inclement weather will not be an obstacle: marquees, organized wedding zones in parks, and the verandas of country residences are at the disposal of the newlyweds.

Modern entertainment at the wedding

As the surveys showed, newlyweds began to prefer non-standard entertainments, and bursting balloons to the cheerful ditties of toastmasters are gradually becoming a thing of the past: in 2023, at weddings will be in priority performance of cover bands, fire shows and tastings of unusual cocktails.

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Twilight Wedding

And no, we’re not talking about the styling of the 2008 vampire drama, but that moving the wedding ceremony to the evening promises to be one of the major trends of 2023. This decision will be relevant for couples whose wedding is planned for winter and the off-season, when it gets dark early.

However, no one forbids having a summer wedding with the main entertainment program during the dark time of the day: first, you won’t have to rush to do everything in one day of light, and second, it’s simply new and unusual!


Another global rethinking of classic weddings: lavish events with myriads of balloons, massive floral arches, and various decorations are also a thing of the past. Minimalism and restraint will rule in wedding trends in 2023, and this manifests itself in the decor, and in the overall color scheme, and even in the wedding menu. This is a refusal of excesses, the precise design of the wedding location, eco-friendliness, the exact calculation of the necessary amount of drinks and food – in a word, everything to ensure that the wedding was not unnecessary or harmful to the environment.

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Costume rentals

To continue the point about environmental friendliness: newlyweds began to refuse to buy wedding dresses more often, preferring to use the services of rental agencies. And indeed: if the desired outfit will be worn only once, it probably makes sense to think about the expediency of such a purchase. However, you can always arrange a themed wedding – clothing for a wedding in the style of boho or urban may well move into the main closet and actively used in the future.

Alternative dance of the newlyweds

We’ve said before that newlyweds find traditional entertainment boring. So the change hasn’t even bypassed such a classic element of weddings as the young couple’s first dance. In 2023, couples are either doing away with it altogether, or preparing a full-fledged show – both for each other and for guests. And not necessarily a couples show: the bride’s performance with her girlfriends and the groom’s dance battle with his friends will be a great rethinking of the usual dance.

Floral decorations

Wedding floristics can harmoniously complement a wedding in any style. However, here too, there is something to work on. Instead of giving the lion’s share of the wedding budget for expensive bouquets of roses and orchids, pay attention to seasonal flowers. They are more resilient and are able to keep petals fresh longer than their expensive greenhouse counterparts. In addition, seasonal buds will have a brighter fragrance.

Another alternative – the use of seedlings: over the past five years there are dozens of organizations that provide for the wedding of live shoots from their own arboretums. Employees of the company will bring vegetation to the wedding location and safely place, and after the celebration will take back to their place, where the plant will continue to grow and delight the eye.